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My experience in Australia


To travel from Bahamas to Australia I first took Air Canada flight in Nassau international airport on July 6th at 8:00pm and arrived at Toronto Pearson airport at 11:15pm. I had a stop over there for 2 hours 35 minutes. The Cathy Pacific airplane one July 7th at 1:50am and landed in Hong Kong airport at 5:00pm and I had a stop over there for 5 hours 35 minutes. and the flight departed again at 10:35am and landed in Melbourne Australia at 9:40pm on July 8th. I was Jetlagged from travelling so I went to be right away. I took a day to just relax in my airbnb because I was very tired from all the traveling. The total cost of the flight was $1523.
While I was in Melbourne Australia I stayed in airbnb. I started my day by staying at the airbnb and having breakfast and just relaxing, then for lunch I took skybus to southern cross station and had lunch at hungry jacks which is like burger king. Later for dinner I went to the higher ground café. The next day I had a tour of Grampians national park tour which was a lot of fun and I had a great time, it was so beautiful. I also explored the city, and went shopping. I ended my day by going to St Kilda market and Night noodle market. I packed my begs and went to bed so that I can relax the next day before my next flight.
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Exploring the Bahamas


I used JetBlue Airway flight to travel from Cuba to Bahamas. The flight departed July 5th 3:15pm and landed in Fort Lauderdale at 4:34pm and there was a stop over for 4 hours 36 minutes then the flight departed again at 9:10pm and landed in Jacksonville at 10:23pm and there was another stop over for 10 hours 29 minutes. The flight departed again at 8:52am July 6th and landed in Nassau Bahamas at 12:28pm ad I started my day. the flights total cost was $343.91.
Nassau cruise port is right in the heart of things, so it is very easy to go sightseeing independently. I walked around the main downtown sites. I went to places such as Rawson Square, Parliament Square and the Nassau Public Library. They were so underwhelming that I actually had problems finding them. I also tried to go to Fort Fincastle but all I found were empty car parks. I was going for the supposed views anyway, and the hill just wasn’t high enough to offer these. I checked out the straw market, renowned for being full of tacky souvenirs. This was true although there was not much for sale so we did not look there for long. My favourite part was wandering the main street called Bay Street. It is a very pretty street with colourful buildings and nice big footpaths. I enjoyed just walking around Nassau a lot.

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My Trip To Cuba

experience from Mexico to Cuba

I used Aeromexico flight to travel from Mexico to Cuba. The flight was 2 hours 55 minutes, the flight departed on July 3rd at 10:15am and arrived in Cuba Havana at 2:10pm, i checked into my hotel and ate at the hotel and started my fun day in Cuba. The flight costed me $502 for economy class which was the cheapest option for me.
I stayed at the Meliá Habana in the Miramar neighbourhood. My room at the Meliá Habana was on The Level, a concierge floor with an exclusive lounge, dining room and other upscale amenities. It had modern fixings, a gorgeous oceanfront terrace, free Wi-Fi and turn-down service that included a surprise bottle of wine and charcuterie plate one night. Breakfast included fresh guava, pastries, omelets, lox, and exquisite Cuban coffee. There were expansive pools at both the Meliá properties and a cute rooftop boutique-style pool at the Saratoga over-looking El Capitolo.
In Havana I took a sunset walk on El Malecon – 8 km of paved road along the sea, where the ocean waves splash and local go to relax and flirt after a day of work. Havana is a city of paradox: right next to the recently restored Capitol building, there are apartment buildings that are either falling apart or must have been lined up for restoration such a long time ago that the scaffolding is completely covered in ivy. This is where vintage cars line up at the traffic lights – and it is fun to take a tour of Havana in a classic vintage car; motorbikes still have sidecars; and bicitaxi drivers laze about sending text messages.

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Weekend in Mexico

My experience in Mexico

sunny 28 °C

I used air Canada flight to travel from Toronto to Mexico. The flight was 4 hours 45 minutes, the flight departed on July 1st at 9:00pm and arrived in Mexico at 12:45am, since it was so late and I was tired i checked into my hotel and slept so that I could start fresh the next day. The flight costed me $441 for economy class which was the cheapest option for me.
On this trip I stayed at Hotel Condesa DF. I cannot recommend this hotel enough. Everything about this place made me want to move in permanently.The main floor has a bar and restaurant and this is where breakfast is served. Breakfast is one of my most favourite things in the world and if you want specifics, Mexican breakfast tops the list. The buffet breakfast here was ridiculously good. The coffee was made to order and there is even a room lined with photography and art books for your browsing.
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What to Do
Museums & Galleries:
What to do in Mexico City really depends on what you are into. You could literally spend weeks just visiting museums and art galleries. Most of the major galleries and musuems are located along Paseo de La Reforma, which is a big boulevard that is a major artery to the city. Chapultepec Park is here as well. Museo Nacional de Antropología in particular is one to visit. If you go, you need to dedicate at least a half day, if not a full one so that you can explore every nook of this place. If you have been to Mexico before, you have likely seen “jade” masks at every souvenir shop. The original jade mask that belonged to King K’inich Janaab Pakal is here and it’s beautiful. More about Pakal in a later post because we visited his tomb in Palenque later on this trip. My favourite gallery to visit Museo de Arte Moderno. If you want to see Frida Kahlo paintings, this is where you must go. The iconic Two Fridas painting is here, along with many others.

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