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exploring Andorra

to go from Barcelona, Spain to lavella, Andorra I travelled using a bus which left on July 21 at 11:45pm and arrived in la vella, Andorra at 7:15am. The travel time was 7 hours 30 minutes and it cost 50$. I only stayed here for one day because I felt I could see and experience what I wanted to as fast as in a day.
On day one I crossed through the central park which is really pretty and relaxing and I headed uphill towards the old town. The first thing I saw was the Andorra library and I also visited the bell tower which dates back to the 12th century. I enjoyed my self and I felt this country didn't have to much to see and it was small but it was still pretty and interesting. This was a great way for me to end my vacation it was so relaxing and laid back.

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Trip To Spain


I used Vueling Airlines to go from Lisbon, Portugal to Barcelona, Spain. The flight departed at 9:05pm and arrived at 11:55pm. The cost of the flight was $68 which is very inexpensive. I stayed at hotel grums Barcelona it costs $116 per day. Once I got to the hotel I took shower and went to sleep right away because I was very jet lagged.
On the first day I went to the Picasso museum which has over 3000 pieces of art. Then for lunch I went to La Boqueria, this is the famous centeral food markets in the Barri Gotic and it is one of the best places to grab lunch.
After lunch I went to a beach that was nearby and just relaxed. On the second day I went to gaudi, which is Barcelona's most famous architect.
museum.png beach.pngbar.png
I also went to the placa d'espanya which has fountains and lights that line the street towards Montjuic hill. At the end is the magical fountain Montjuic which outs on a spectacular light and water show. After this I walked up the hill to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya for a great view of the city.

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Trip To Portugl

To travel from New Zealand to Portugal I used Emirates flight. I departed at 8:30 pm on July 16 and landed in Dubai at 5:35am on July 17. Then I departed from Dubai at 7:25am and landed in Lisbon, Portugal at 12:35pm. The flight cost me $1500.
To get around to places in Lisbon I used the metro. I went to a bakery called Tartine and they had delicious Portuguese pastries. I also went to Mercado do Ribeira which had so many nice shops. I also went to the Belem tower and it was beautiful.

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Experiencing New Zealand

I took Figi Airways to travel from Nadi, Figi to Palmerston North, New Zealand. I departed on July 14th at 8:45am and landed at 4:40pm. The flight cost me $730.

I stayed in a hotel near Queenstown. Queenstown is so beautiful and I love it so much. I also went to Palmerston North Square and I had so much fun. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner there. There also great shops here that I bought many things from. I also went to Manawa gallery which is museum art ad science.

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My trip to Figi


I took jetstar airways to travel from Melbourne Australia to Nadi, Figi. The flight departed at 5:05am and arrived at 6:30am. The total cost of the flight was $363. I am going to stay in Mana Island and a round trip from Nadi to Mana island costs $75 and it would take 3 hours. The small island has only 2 hostels I stayed in one of them and it cost about $20 a night.

On the island there are white powder beaches, palm trees and crystal clear blue waters which makes it so beautiful. I went swimming, diving, snorkeling, and relaxed on the beach while I was there. The views were so extraordinary and I took so many pictures. I felt very relaxed on the island.


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